Breaking! My daughter has signed the contract to play for Norwich City!

Although we are in the middle of a transfer window, it did come as a surprise when Norwich City Football Club called me last night! The rumors regarding my daughter’s talent when it comes to drag out time and to frustrate the opponent (in general getting everyone around her frustrated) had reached Norfolk in England! When Norwich apparently needed these skills on the pitch, they didn’t hesitate to give this little norwegian a call! Myself as dad, also playing the role as an «agent» and of course a «financial advisor» for my kids is always ready for a deal! Especially when it also get the kidz out of the house for a few minutes. I signed the contract on the spot and are now waiting for the private jet sent from Norfolk to pick up the new professional footballer! Even though the future is settled, the little woman is always looking to enhance her skillz! Today she showed her father that she is in great shape and are ready to show her talents at Carrow Road! Professional footballer : Daddy, I can’t find one of my socks!! Daddy (agent and financial advisor) : But I put it right in front of you? How could it possible be gone? Professional footballer : Well, it is gone now! — after 5 minutes of searching, swearing and crying Professional footballer : Haha! I have both of the socks on the same foot! Look daddy! On the same foot! Haha!! Why aren’t you laughing?? I fooled you! Haha!! On the SAME FOOT!! A lovely talent indeed! Looking forward to be seeing her playing professional football at Carrow Road – please take good care of her (and yourself!).